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Monday, August 23, 2010

Fasting Exercise

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Summarizing the Urinaray System

Urine formation process begins with the entering of blood from the body through the kidney artery to the glomerulus.Afterwadrs,blood enters the Bowman’s capsule which filters blood in glomerulus.

Urine Formation Process
Consist of three phases, namely:

1. Filtration
Is an extraction process of blood cells that occurs in the glomerulus or glomerular so that produce filtrate glomerulus which is also called the primary urine. Glomerular filtrate still contains many substances that are beneficial to the body, such as glucose, amino acids and mineral salts.

Is the process of reabsorption of the useful substances that are beneficial to the body . Occur in areas of proximal convolvuted tubule .This process will occur until pars descends of loop of Henle.From this process,they produce filtrate tubulus or better known as the secondary urine.

3. Augmentation
Is the process of disposing useless substances that can not be kept by the body. Occur in the distal convolvuted tubule and result in the real urine. In the urine contains substances such as:
a. Water as much as 95%
b. Urea, acid, ammonia ureat
c. Bile pigment (Bilirubin and Biliverdin)
d. Mineral salts, mainly NaCl (Sodium Hydrochloric)
e. Substances that are toxic such as residual drugs and hormones).
After that,the urine is flown to collecting duct and forwarded to renal pelvis,ureter ,urinary bladder,and urethra.

Urine Expenditure
Expenditure urine hormone regulated by ADH (Anti Diuretic Hormone).
1. When drinking water entering a lot of the hormone ADH expenditure will be reduced, so the urine is released too much. This occurs because the water absorption of the hormone ADH little.

2. When drinking water entering a hormone, ADH will spend would be spurred to become more numerous, so that urine will be a little removed. This occurs because the water absorption of the hormone ADH lot.
Another Factors That Influence the Amount of Urine Disposed
-The amount of water intake;
-Renal nerves stimulus;
-The amount of salt disposed

The Process of Spending Way of Urine

In normal condition,urine contains water,urea,and ammonium which are the residues of protein transformation:mineral salt,especially kitchen salt:bilirubin which gives yellow colour to urine:excessive substance in blood,like vitamin,medicines,and hormones.

Urine in Tubulus kolektivus who are in low forwarded by the ureters into the urinary vessica toward the urethra in the genitals.
With the scheme:
Ren ureter urethra Vessicaurinaria

Urinary Function

1. To remove residual substances such as toxins or drugs from the body.
2. As an indicator of dehydration. People who do not suffer from dehydration will issue a clear urine is like water. Dehydrated patients will issue a concentrated urine is yellow or brown.
created by Muhammad Mubarak Chadyka Putra


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